When I’m Not Enough, Drowning, Failing – Gotta Change My Focus

Is anyone else here with me:
Unable to keep up with life….
Rarely feeling like I am keeping all of my plates in the air….
One meal leads to the next meal and then the next….
(Why do they want to be fed.every.meal????)
Laundry is finished for maybe five seconds…maybe….
Toilets need to be cleaned.
Floors need to be swept (and they’re supposed to be mopped, too?  Stink.)
Dust?  Yes, we have that in abundance.
Garden needs to be planted and tended.
(The list goes on, I just don’t want to bore you.)

All of this, and it doesn’t even include interacting with anyone!
Husband needs to be respected and loved,
cherished and made to feel special.
Children, such a joy so much of the time,
are often noise with Pigpen clouds of billowing dirt.
They need a present mother to:
“Watch this!”
“Help with this!”
“Read this!”
Affirm me.

I feel overwhelmed, over-extended, and I haven’t even left my home yet.

“Calgon, take me away!”

So what do we do?…what do I do?
I can’t answer for you.
I know what I need to do —
That’s my problem – my focus is on me and what I am doing…
need to be doing…
should already have done…
last week.

Where should my focus be?  My Jesus.
When my focus is on Him,
He helps me to get off Facebook,
to prioritize,
to do the important,
not just the urgent.
Am I still facing all that I was facing before?
(For some reason, He has yet to send a laundry or dishes fairy.)
Will I get it all accomplished today?
Highly unlikely, but at least now I’m closer to being ok with that.

So here I go, Girls.
I’m off to adjust my focus and let Him be my focus.
It’s His day, after all.
“This is the day that the Lord has made.  I will rejoice and be glad in it!”
Even if my floors are still dirty,
my laundry remains undone,
and I haven’t started dinner yet.

Any dinner fairies out there?  😉

Trusting Him, Carrie

This article first appeared at – a blog I contributed to!

Grace & Peace, Carrie

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