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Purify This!

Have you ever had one of those sets of days that just stuck it to you?

We’ve been healthy this year.  I am so very thankful.  Last year we were plagued with multiple strains of the flu as well as strep and bronchitis that probably morphed into pneumonia (are you supposed to make gurgling and popping sounds when you exhale?  no?  woops!).

Anyway, this year has been a healthy year, thank you Jesus!

This run of health put me in a place to fall so very far when the nasties hit about 10:30 Wednesday night.  Poor, sweet AB had complained of a tummy ache…even gone to bed without eating dinner.  “When you’re sick, rest is best.  Rest is best!”  Thank you, Daniel Tiger.  I had, in my finite wisdom, sent her up with a “blowout” bucket – another “Thank you, Jesus!”

10:30, we heard footsteps tripping down the stairs.  Here she came, teary-eyed, hair hanging in the bowl that she had just tossed her cookies into.  Poor baby.  There is little so pitiful as a small child dealing with a rebellious tummy sending things the wrong way.  She and I were up most of the night.  Poor both of us.  I’m too old for this!

6:30a.m. rolled around, and the other two are feeling on the punk side.  Sure!  Stay home!  So they stayed home Thursday and Friday.  Everyone seemed to be doing really well the end of the day on Friday.   Surely we had dodged the bullet and the blowing out was done for!

What is it about 10:30???  Big W came downstairs to report that C had gotten sick upstairs.  Unfortunately, there was no blowout bucket with her…*sigh*…and at the ripe old age of six, she hasn’t quite got the finesse of how and where to toss her cookies…so it was ev.ery.where.

Upstairs is carpeted…the stairs are carpeted…I thought it would be so much nicer, particularly in the winter.  It seemed like a good idea at the time.  Friday night and all day Saturday I kicked myself for insisting on carpet because my sweet & spicy C spewed vomit all through the bedroom, on the landing and down the stairs.

Help me, sweet Jesus!

My kind husband, with W’s assistance, sought to clean up her mess while I got her in the shower and all cleaned up.  She continued to wretch and then settled about midnight.

12:30am, more footsteps on the stairs.  AB was at it again.  (NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!)

Most of the night I was up & down with the girls.  Ugh.  Saturday was even worse.  Thankfully, W, ACE and I have stayed well.  The Big Bald Dude has felt punk, but avoided upchucking.  Whew.

Why do I share this?  In the aftermath, I have discovered something that erased the lingering odiferousness (is that even a word???  “smelliness” just doesn’t have the right feel) of bodily fluid mixed with the sickly sweetness of the OUT! that my dear husband had used to try to remove the initial cause for the odor.  (OUT! is a magic enzyme that eats bodily fluids of all kinds.  It’s amazing, but it just couldn’t cut it this time.)

Today I was in a place to be able to deal with the nastiness.  I was looking for a blend of oils that I could put together that would purify the air.  I found a recipe at a that was close to what I wanted.  It was waaaay more than I wanted, so I made about 10% and did a little substitution/addition.  This blend fits in a 2 dram bottle.

Purify This:
9 drops Lemongrass
4 drops Tea Tree
6 drops Rosemary
4 drops Lavender
1 drop Eucalyptus radiata
1 drop Citronella
1 drop Bergamot

I added about 8 drops of the blend to one cup of baking soda, mixed it thoroughly, and sprinkled it liberally on all the carpeting that was affected.  I allowed it to sit for about 13 minutes (Ha!  that was supposed to say 15 minutes, but I mis-typed – curious to see who might catch that!)  before vacuuming it thoroughly.  The freshness of the oil blend assisted with the neutralizing effects of the baking soda…it cleared the air beyond my expectation!  There was no lingering scent of the bodily fluids, the OUT! odors were no more.  I was astounded!

I love essential oils.
Truly.  🙂
They are marvelous! is my absolute favorite place to get my oils.  I trust their purity, and they are affordable on our currently limited budget.  (Free shipping is a great perk, too!)

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