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My Sweet, Sweet Boys – Zivi & Flour

These boys are the best outside kitties ever!  They have taken out birds, snakes, squirrels and even a rat (ewww!).

We got them when they were just kittens from friends with four kiddos and a farm.  They had been man-handled by the best and have been so good to let our littles (especially ACE) just waller them to pieces.  (Waller:  southern term – man-handle-ish, more like WWE training.)

Originally, the plan was to get one cat, but W had gotten a dog (sweet, forbearing Lucy), so the girls were clamoring for their own cats.  Getting two kittens was probably the best choice we could have made.  They didn’t wander off and were able to play together.  It was a great call!

We got boys because they are easy to fix…uh, neuter.  There was no way that I was going to have cats that were going to procreate in any way shape or form.  And boy cats?  If you don’t get it taken care of in time, they act just like a Tom getting in fights and making trouble.  Not at our house!

I have a friend who is a vet who sweetly offered to come over and do the deed for us.  So, here the boys lay on the peninsula in a stupor as they unknowingly awaited their fate.  Talk about firsts!  I never imagined I would ever have cat surgery in my kitchen!

It was so sweet, Flour passed out first, and Zivi cuddled with his brother until he, too, drifted off into lala-land.  Now they stick close to home and are sweet tempered.  Bless their hearts, they had no idea what was coming.  <3, <3, <3

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