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Azure Standard – GREAT SOURCE

I am in love with Azure Standard!  I have been ordering with them longer than I have had half of my children.  <grin>  They are the “largest
independent natural and organic food distributor in the country” (per their website).

They are out of Oregon, and are a fantastic source for organic, non-gmo foods…and that’s just for starters!

Azure Standard label of my favorite milk powder!

Are you ready for this?  Their categories include:


Health & Beauty
Household & Family
Nutritional Supplements
Outdoor Gardening

The sub-categories are mind-boggling!  I have received their catalog several times, and it was overwhelming to go through page after page after page.  We have purchased bulk items and seeds and produce primarily, but they have so.much.more.

Enough of the boring stuff, though.  🙂  Azure Standard does “family” size as well as bulk, but the way we go through whole food in our quest for health, bulk just makes sense for us.  While organic is my first choice, it doesn’t always fit in with our budget.  I like that with AS, I can choose food that is better for us, and better for our budget!

Our order is due next week (our “site drop” happens once a month, in other areas, they may have a “drop” more often).  I think this time around I will be ordering unsweetened coconut flakes, demerara sugar, and Trim Healthy Mama Integral Collagen.  (Yep, I’m working on being a Trim Healthy Mama, but that’s a story for another day!)

Are you a Whole Food Mama looking for a great source?  Azure Standard is a great resource to consider!

Just so you know, I am receiving no compensation for this post – I just love Azure Standard!


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